White Raven
skybar & lounge
house rules

  • The dress code of White Raven skybar & lounge is semi-formal, which is matching the airy, elegant style. We kindly ask guests not to wear sports, beach and gym-wear including tracksuits, flip flops/sliders or workout trainers. 
  • Please note that tables can be reserved for a period of 2 hours, and from 6:00 pm there is a minimum consumption, HUF 6,000/person per hour.
  • Due to the popularity of our private area, a minimum consumption of HUF 12.000/person per hour is expected as of 6:00pm. 
  • In case of being delayed or unable to visit the White Raven skybar & lounge, please call us. We reserve the right to release your booking 15 minutes after the time booked if we did not hear from you.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, we reserve the right to modify/cancel your booking.
  • We may contact you about your booking, so please ensure your email and phone number are up to date.
  • Please note, that we are only able to split the bill in two ways per table.
  • Walk-in guests are welcomed on a first come first serve basis, based on availability. Space availability must be clarified with the hostess in the lobby area.
  • Children between ages 10 and 16 are welcome until 19.00 if accompanied by an adult. Due to the nature of the venue and opening hours, children below 10 years do not have access during regular operating hours.
  • Unfortunately, we do not allow pets except guide dogs to the White Raven skybar & lounge.
  • Due to fire safety regulations, we restrict our capacity to seated guests only.
  • We accept cash, all major credit cards and SZÉP Kártya.
  • The terrace is not fully covered. 
  • The rooftop can be accessed via elevators located inside Hilton Budapest and is accessible by wheelchair as well.
  • For more than 4 people and exclusive usage of the private area, please contact our colleagues at info@whiteravenskybar.com 

Safety and legal information:

Any of our guest’s behavior endangering the physical integrity of another person, causing injury to another person (e.g. any objects intentionally or accidentally dropped from the terrace) or exhibiting any illegal behavior, will be subject to being reported to the authorities by the White Raven skybar & lounge management.

Please note that the White Raven skybar & lounge can only be used at one’s own risk and with great attention to the safety and well-being of others. The White Raven skybar & lounge cannot be held responsible for and damage or injury caused by individuals acting outside the law or not adhering to the house rules or general code of conduct.

The management reserves the right to deny service and entrance to the property without further notice or reasoning. 

White Raven skybar & lounge management

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We are closed from October 16, 2022.

The iconic panorama awaits you back on Spring 2023!