Be the first Oyster Auguster in White Raven's gourmet oyster bar!

Oyster Tastings

Oyster Tastings Every Wednesday


At White Raven Skybar & Lounge, you can indulge in gourmet delights weekly from 2nd August, every Wednesday from 18.00-22.00.

Our oyster bar will take your senses on a flight over the unparalleled view of Budapest with a unique selection of oysters, elegant drinks, and exceptional champagnes. Our oyster sommelier will give an insight into the ritual of shucking and eating oysters. We will make the bursting taste experience perfect for you by recommending the right drink. The Bretons are supplied by a fourth-generation oyster farming family who, thanks to the traditional French oyster farming method, are impressing oyster connoisseurs worldwide with their outstanding iodized flavoured speciality of firm and meaty texture, so typical of Breton waters.

In addition to Breton, Cancale, and Gillardeau, known as the Dom Perignon of oysters, engraved with a (G) to determine their origin, as well as the elegant Krystale, the gold medal-winning oyster of the 2019 Concours Général de Paris, will tempt oyster lovers with their royal delights.

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